Groovetech Podcast 087 – Techno, House and Minimal

The act of buying and collecting Vinyl, to me, brings a far superior sense of intrinsic satisfaction than a weekly shop on Beatport.I can only conclude this generation has indeed lost something and they will never even know. We are all looking for cheap and easy these days.There are a lot of new DJ/producers on the scene today that don’t even know what a record is. And I think that is one of the reasons why Vinyl as a consumer music format is making a comeback. I think its only a matter of time before clubbing and performance follows.

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Groovetech EP 15 – Vinyl Only In The Digital Age

I love the organic visceral nature of the record, a piece of plastic that can bring forth such wondrous sound. It’s all pretty weird when you think about it, some sort of wonderful sonic voodoo. It’s a historical document of another time, another place, another me and a very interesting stop off traveling the road map of the records shelf-life. Personally, I find that producers who release their music exclusively on vinyl are more in touch with the underground. In the digital age, there is no shortage of house and techno for the DJ who is a bit casual or just starting out, but I find the generic formula of build-ups and breakdowns, which makes up a significant majority of these releases, a bit of a turn-off.

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Groovetech Podcast 085 – Techno, House and Minimal

I wouldn’t necessarily call myself a Techno head as probably many people think I am. Music, in general, is a very important aspect of my life, it inspires me on many different levels. At home usually, I listen to experimental/ambient music, as well as some disco and funk as I believe that Techno can only be fully experienced in a club. It’s hard to put it into words but with Techno I feel free and can let go, the state of mind that it puts me into is a big driving force for me. The only real problem is that I cannot enjoy it as much as I would like to. If you are looking to add the tougher, more genuine and original sound to your upcoming events, send me an email and I would be happy to help you curate your upcoming event or ongoing night.

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Groovetech Podcast 084 – Techno, House and Minimal

Being able to keep your music on a physical format makes it attractive to me, building a collection is a thing that can take years and it could never end as long as you keep feeling excited about it. I might sound a bit like a Luddite and I can see the viewpoint that staying stuck in the past wouldn’t lead us to any change or evolution. However, it can be powerful to bring the way you are seeing, feeling and experiencing the world at your best into your life today. For me, in terms of action, my DJ-ing is probably more “live” than any computer music performances. I move around, tweak sliders and knobs, constantly switching and cueing up records etc. But there is something that is lost by DJs who ignore vinyl entirely. They skip quite a few steps in the DJ process. Finding gems while digging or being after that certain record for a long time and then finally getting it somewhere makes you keep loads of stories, memories, and adventures in your mind. At the same time, sharing those moments with other music fellows make those experiences even richer. I think this is where the love for vinyl lies. Continue reading

10 Tracks for August – House, Techno and Minimal

2017 sees Techno on the move again, while the underground electronic music vinyl-only boom represents the opposite of commercial dance music’s insatiable drive for success and exposure. With so much music released every day, it can be a challenge to pick out a banging track. Below are the ten tracks I have picked out as standouts for the month of August 2017.

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