Groovetech Podcast 076 – Techno, House and Minimal

One of the big hopes for digital music was for a faster way for everyone in the food chain to get paid. While that sounds good on paper, unfortunately, it hasn’t quite worked out the way anyone in the industry expected. When it comes to music, Big Data is an aggregation of mediocrity. Many algorithms on platforms like Pandora and Soundcloud are simply associating popular tracks with one another; as a consequence, it takes longer for newer and unique music to enter the system and start being recommended to people. Can musical creativity and the song machine co-exist? At least at this point, it doesn’t look algorithms will replace the DJ anytime soon. Filtering noise is truly a gray area.

Read about how big data is making you boring

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Groovetech Podcast 075 – Techno, House and Minimal

I’ve said this before but a DJ Set is about balancing predictability and surprise. I don’t want to wade into examples of what puts a track in or outside the box of what’s techno or house. Lately, it’s a marker of a massively successful DJ to play several hours of records with a single constant groove, sonics, timbre, and energy level. That’s a bit of a cookie cutter approach for me; cookie cutters are for dough, not dancefloors if you want my opinion.

I know many fans talk in awe of DJs who play easily recognizable, catchy and fashionable tunes they like. That’s fine, nobody is forcing you to listen to something you don’t have a taste for. But a culture accepted by the mainstream to me has made music not worth as much. To me, a good DJ is someone who’s spent countless hours of their lives collecting music and presenting it to an audience in the best of their abilities. Nowadays I see too many fans and DJs marching joyfully to rank and file tracks.

What do you think?

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10 Tracks for June – House, Techno and Minimal

Hello Everyone. In an effort to keep my crates fresh, I invest considerable time and effort in picking the wheat from the chafe. With so much music released every day, it can be a challenge to pick out a banging track. Below are the ten tracks I have picked out as standouts for the month of June 2017.

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Groovetech Podcast 074 – Techno, House and Minimal

Let’s be honest.Going out these days can really cost you someone, and that someone is named Pretty Penny, if not Armina Leg. With the average cover in the city at 25 dollars, to listen to mostly the same boring lineups made of the same DJs (local or imports) playing the same popular songs all day at every one of them. If parties get more expensive there’ll be a different filter of who can attend. With what seems to be the heart and soul of the electronic music, the average fan, being ushered out,  I am left to wonder how much longer the piles of cash can keep this electronic music scene afloat.

But nightlife appears to be recession-proof in Toronto, possibly because of our tech and housing bubbles, but I wonder if one of the most democratic of art forms, dance music, is turning into a prissy connoisseur enterprise that only the wealthy (or soon to be very broke) can fully experience and enjoy.

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Same Thing But Different – Is Ambient The Sound of Summer 2017?

I know that a lot of people often think of pounding, faster techno when they hear the DJ Name Rouchos, but I’m definitely so much more that just that. ‘Same Thing But Different ‘DJ Sets explore records collected over my 20 odd years as a DJ but couldn’t otherwise find a natural fit for my regular podcasts.

I came across an article earlier today about the growing number of festivals that focus on Chillout or Ambient Music. It got me thinking about my early days as a DJ and the sort of track I’d finish off the night with, just as the sun was coming up. Digging through my collection, I put together a mini-set for you taking from my leftfield, chillout and ambient techno and house records. I know some of these tracks don’t really fit the definition of “ambient” or chillout, but if you listen to what passes itself as house or techno these days, I think I can be excused.

What do you think? Is Ambient the sound of summer 2017?

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