CTRL Sessions – March 16th 2016 – 3 Hour Techno DJ Set

Do you like Techno? Then we have something in common. My friends at CTRL ROOM invited me over for a guest DJ appearance. The 3 hour Techno set was streamed live but in case you missed it you can watch it again on my new favourite social network: CHEW.tv. Special thanks must go to Hubert for putting it all together and for the great hustle put in to managing the space, all the folks who showed up at the studio or tuned in online, and my good friend Sergio Kyi for helping out with a personal crisis – thanks man. Continue reading

[Infographic] DJ Evolution

The year was 1857, and a man named Leon Scott invented the phonoautograph, the first device to record sound. This invention was followed by the phonographic cylinder by Thomas Edison, which allowed the playback of recorded sounds. Little did these two men phatom the magnitude of their inventions. They didn’t invent a machine; the birthed the music industry. The term disc jockey, or DJ was not coined until 1930. And the first man to use turntables to keep music playing continuously was Jimmy Saville, who in 1943 played jazz records “back-to-back” for his guests. This infographic explores the history of the DJ.

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Groovetech Podcast 009 – Techno, House and Minimal

The Groovetech weekly DJ mix is a 1 hour podcast playing Techno and Deep-House. Hosted and mixed by Andreas Marouchos (rouchos).

You know you are in for a genuine and proper Techno Set when there’s a tune in there titled “Chained to a Dead Camel”. Beats and remixes from Vinalog, Psyk, Ben Sims, Paul Mac, S-File among 20 others in the mix this week. Continue reading