Groovetech EP 23 – Vinyl Makes You A Wiser DJ

I’ve collected vinyl off-and-on since I was 15-years-old, and obsessively since I was about 18. Although digital technology has made it easier for people to acquire and carry thousands of songs around in a tiny music player, I still remain attached to physical music recordings – vinyl records. The medium puts emphasis on the roots of DJ culture; one mixer, two turntables and your record collection. I see my record collection less as a collection of objects that I prize and more as a set of knowledge that I’ve acquired. Anyone can push a “sync” button. But there’s no substitute for learning to mix vinyl.

But, that’s just one man’s opinion.

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The next show goes live at 8pm on the 8th of May 2018 via and will be archived on Youtube and Chew TV after that. For more Techno DJ Sets, follow me on mixcloud.

  • Armitage – Consume
  • Tallmen 785 – Stead Fast
  • Marco Effe – Phase Meter
  • Border One – Bittersharp
  • Chevel – Harsh Times
  • Randomer and Cadans – Angry Fiddle
  • Emmanuel – Logic Instance
  • Progression – The Coriopolis Effect
  • Diego Amura – Euphasia (Setoac Mass Remix)
  • James Oak – Pressure Zone
  • JLG – Inception
  • Private Press – Early Nineties
  • Andre Kronert – Exile
  • Stef Menesidis – Cyborg
  • David Carretta – Vicious Game 2018
  • Ben Buitendijk – Transistor
  • Alden Tyrell – Vorm Variaties 4
  • Cleric – Plunge
  • Rumah – Olsen
  • Floorplan – Phobia
  • Mark Broom – Afterlife
  • Charles Green – RDT#2
  • DJ Deep – Stressed
  • Paul Mac – Off a Cliff
  • Dimi Angelis – Glow
  • Raondomer and Perc – Flooring
  • DJ Hell – Hot In The Heels Of Love (Dave Clarke Remix)
  • Turbo Turbo – Roarr
  • Pacou – Inbox
  • K’Alexi Shelby – That Old Chicago (Ben Sims JFF Edit)
  • Adryiano – Move it
  • Oli Furness – Tension
  • Truncate – Wrktrx 2
  • Josh Wink – Are You There? (Ben Klock Remix)
  • Andrei Morant – Miles
  • Aiken – Inductive
  • Takaki Itoh – Anagrammer
  • Subjected – Black Charm
  • Opuswerk – RF Thruster
  • Stare5 – Void Swimmer
  • Kastil – Warning
  • Dying and Barakat – Destino
  • TRP – Things Won’t Change
  • Skee Mask – Routine

Before I go, I do suggest you support the artists whose music I weave together, by buying their music directly – all of my mixes have full track listings so you can support the artists by purchasing the tracks individually – you can listen & purchase tracks directly on Mixcloud or Juno Download.

Be a Guest on the Show

If you play underground music, I want to hear from you. Send me a message including a link to your Mixcloud or SoundCloud and thoughts about your music convictions and if things work out I would be privileged to have you on the show in the future. Consider this: it’s all about the heart and soul so what I want to hear is a mix that you really feel and like, not just something to get more fans or gigs. It’s not about you – its about the music.

About Andreasrouchos-dj-toronto-techno-house_Intro_Header

Andreas Marouchos (Short, Rouchos), is a DJ from Toronto. Playing Techno and House, Andreas has been a professional DJ since 1998, playing sets in four countries. He is also a podcasting pioneer, with live audio and video mixes stretching as far back as the last millennium. Despite the progress of technology, Andreas still collects and spins 100% of music on Vinyl as he believes that “putting a laptop between a DJ and the crowd seems boring”.

You can catch his podcasts on CTRL ROOM and DJFM

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