CTRL ROOM Presents M4 – A 42 Hour DJ Marathon to Raise Funds for Sistering – Women’s Shelter

Hey guys. On November 10th and 11th 2017, I will be joining 40 of Toronto’s finest DJs, playing music for 42 straight hours to raise for the continued operations of CTRL ROOM while also raising much needed funds for Sistering, a local women’s organization that offers emotional and practical support for women enabling them to take greater control over their lives.

What is M4?

Like the electronic music equivalent of a long-distance charity marathon, artists and enthusiasts will participate in a 42-hour long session of continuous performances and dancing to raise funds (in equal parts) for the continued operations of CTRL ROOM, while also raising much needed fund for Sistering: a local women’s organization that offers practical and emotional support through programs which enable them to take greater control over their lives.


CTRL ROOM is a cultural incubator with a focus on cultivating DJ’ing and Electronic Music Arts. Based out of The Junction in West Toronto, CTRL ROOM has, since it’s conception, hosted over 800 local DJs, producers and live musicians (both emerging and established). So much more than a networking/ community hub, this fully-equipped studio space (rigged for 4K-video streaming and podcast production) is the ultimate platform for artists to showcase their skills and refine their musical practice. CTRL ROOM helps emerging talent to bridge the gap from a local to a global musical presence and following.

How Can You Participate?

This event will be live broadcasted at http://ctrlroom.ca/, so for those of you who can’t join us in person, please tune in online, comment and share your favourite performances, and donate what you can to support the continued operations of these two honourable organizations.

You can become a patron of CTRL ROOM via the Patreon online content support module here https://www.patreon.com/ctrlroom).

Looking for more info? The full roster and details on how you can get involved can be found here.

Your generous donations are kindly appreciated.

On a side note, any patrons donating to me personally in the month of November, their pledges will 100% be donated to Sisterhood. So if any of the content CTRLROOM or myself has produced over the years has brought you any joy, please contribute the equivalent of a cup of coffee or two towards our goals.

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