Groovetech EP 13 – CTRL ROOM: 13 on the 13th

You know, some people are constantly down on their luck. I just came back from a street festival. The second I got there, it started pouring rain. The second I left, it stopped; clear skies as far as the eye can see. Funny thing is this streak of “fortune” has been following me for my entire life. I once was booked at a club which closed its doors the night before I was scheduled to play. Sigh. To keep things consistent, it makes sense the 13th show at CTRL ROOM was delayed a bit due to a minor issue.

A few years ago, maybe 11 or 12, there was this big discussion that digital music kills vinyl. I had already been playing vinyl records for nine or ten years and I always knew, that it was going to come back around, so I stuck with vinyl while holding out on any temptations to go digital. But that discussion is all over. Vinyl is not going anywhere because it’s the pure sound of music.

Speaking of music, we enjoyed quite a range of tracks and styles over three hours. Beginning with some groovy housier tracks by Vinalog, Deetron and S-File building up to some proper Techno tracks you might be hearing later on this summer by Rob Hood, Mark Broom, DVS1, Ben Sims, Blawan, Mike Storm, Heckmann, Psyk just to name a few.

Thanks go out to where they are due – namely the CTRLROOM family and the 1700+ viewers who tuned in while we were live on Facebook. I hope you enjoyed the mix as much as I did putting it together for you.

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Enjoy the mix!

The next show goes live from 8pm – 11pm on the 11th of July 2017 via and will be archived on Youtube and Chew TV after that. For more Techno DJ Sets, follow me on mixcloud.

Be a Guest on the Show

If you play underground music, I want to hear from you. Send me a message including a link to your mixcloud or soundcloud and thoughts about your music convictions and if things work out I would be privileged to have you on the show in the future. Consider this: it’s all about the heart and soul so what I want to hear is a mix that you really feel and like, not just something to get more fans or gigs. It’s not about you – its about the music.

About Andreas

rouchos-dj-toronto-techno-house_Intro_HeaderAndreas Marouchos (Short, Rouchos), is a DJ from Toronto. Playing Techno and House, Andreas has been a professional DJ since 1998, playing sets in four countries. He is also a podcasting pioneer, with live audio and video mixes stretching as far back as the last millennium. Despite the progress of technology, Andreas still collects and spins 100% of music on Vinyl as he believes that “putting a laptop between a DJ and the crowd seems boring”.

You can catch his podcasts on CTRL ROOM and DJFM


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