Same Thing But Different – Is Ambient The Sound of Summer 2017?

I know that a lot of people often think of pounding, faster techno when they hear the DJ Name Rouchos, but I’m definitely so much more that just that. ‘Same Thing But Different ‘DJ Sets explore records collected over my 20 odd years as a DJ but couldn’t otherwise find a natural fit for my regular podcasts.

I came across an article earlier today about the growing number of festivals that focus on Chillout or Ambient Music. It got me thinking about my early days as a DJ and the sort of track I’d finish off the night with, just as the sun was coming up. Digging through my collection, I put together a mini-set for you taking from my leftfield, chillout and ambient techno and house records. I know some of these tracks don’t really fit the definition of “ambient” or chillout, but if you listen to what passes itself as house or techno these days, I think I can be excused.

What do you think? Is Ambient the sound of summer 2017?

  • Life Garden – 6
  • Leftfield – Melt
  • The Fear Ratio – Antiarc
  • Underworld – Stagger
  • Roman Lindau, Mike Dehnert and Sascha Rydell – Label Dinner
  • Output Message – Bernard’s Song
  • Massive Attack – Unfinished Symphony
  • FSOL – We Have Explosive (Part 5)
  • Jeff Mills – The Meaning of Everything “All In The Family Mix”
  • Pablo Mateo – Book of Poison (Nick Hoppner Remix)
  • Marco Cassanelli – Free
  • Charles Webster – Forget The Past
  • Intact – Drummer One
  • Geoff White – Grene Bene
  • Etapp Kyle – Sakura
  • Ruhbarb – Echoes
  • Ken Iishi – Transition
  • Photek – Blue Heaven
  • Adelbert Von Deyen – Voices of Infinity/Dawn
  • Kane Ikin – Street Flare
  • Luis Luchetti – Soulation EP
  • Kirk Degiorgio – Another Revolution (Stacey Pullen Remix)
  • Heiko Laux – Population

About Andreas

rouchos-dj-toronto-techno-house_Intro_HeaderAndreas Marouchos (Short, Rouchos), is a DJ from Toronto. Playing Techno and House, Andreas has been a professional DJ since 1998, playing sets in four countries. He is also a podcasting pioneer, with live audio and video mixes stretching as far back as the last millennium. Despite the progress of technology, Andreas still collects and spins 100% of music on Vinyl as he believes that “putting a laptop between a DJ and the crowd seems boring”.

You can catch his podcasts on CTRL ROOM and DJFM

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