Groovetech Presents – Same Thing But Different 004

I know that a lot of people often think of pounding, faster techno when they hear the DJ Name Rouchos, but I’m definitely so much more that just that. ‘Same Thing But Different ‘DJ Sets explore records collected over my 20 odd years as a DJ but couldn’t otherwise find a natural fit for in my regular podcasts.

I own a lot of records. My collection consumes a full bedroom, wall to wall, in my apartment – and then some. One of the benefits of owning vinyl records as opposed to downloading your music, is that you end up with much more diversity as a DJ. Particularly, those B-Sides found on extended playing releases. There are some real gems in my collection and this Same Thing But Different DJ Set series are a personal voyage into tech-house, progressive, deep house and electro grooves. Do you enjoy these kind of sets? Perhaps you would like to hear something non-house/techno, like my Trip-Hop and Disco collection. If so, post your comments below. In the meantime I hope you enjoy this mixed sound odyssey.

  • Andre Kronert – Pressure Dub
  • Makcim and Levi – Sandwiches
  • Prioleau – Noonenose
  • Mac Kee – I’ve Been Tune
  • FP – New Life Form
  • Rudolf C – Julia
  • OCH – Time Tourism (Marc Romboy’s Roland Orchestra Mix)
  • Joachim Spieth – Under The City
  • Roman Lindau – Submarin Surface
  • DVS1 – It’s All About
  • Hugo Massien – Restart the Sunday
  • DTW – Above The Sky
  • 1977 – AMFBTG
  • Duplex – Molecular
  • Cassy – Feel (Yoruba Soul Mix)
  • Dinamo Azari – Cyan feat. STF and Fritz Helder
  • Ruhbarb – Field
  • Delano Smith – Free to Explore
  • FDF – Pacifier (Eric Cloutier Remix)
  • Leon Vynehall – Blush

About Andreas

rouchos-dj-toronto-techno-house_Intro_HeaderAndreas Marouchos (Short, Rouchos), is a DJ from Toronto. Playing Techno and House, Andreas has been a professional DJ since 1998, playing sets in four countries. He is also a podcasting pioneer, with live audio and video mixes stretching as far back as the last millennium. Despite the progress of technology, Andreas still collects and spins 100% of music on Vinyl as he believes that “putting a laptop between a DJ and the crowd seems boring”.

You can catch his podcasts on CTRL ROOM and DJFM

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