Do Celebrity DJ’s Political Opinions Matter?

If you have been on social media at all recently, it is highly likely you have heard something, be it an article, someone’s rant, or a meme about the newly elected POTUS. That’s one of the reasons why I do not check in to Facebook as often as I once did. To be completely honest with you, I’m tired of hearing the name Trump, despite my relief to see the backs of Obama and Hillary Clinton and the Democrat machine backing them. Before you go on and call me just about any name you can think of, let me give you a disclosure. I am a member of the Libertarian Party here in Ontario, and I would describe my beliefs as Non-Party Conservative.

If you can contain your rage for a few minutes, lets get on tangent. Do Celebrity DJ’s Political Opinions Matter?

What “triggered” (there’s a fun word) this article was something I came across on Billboard this weekend: UK Techno Legend Dave Clarke has pretty much said he won’t be performing in the United States as long as Trump is President. This followed Moby’s refusal to play a Gig at the Inauguration unless the Donald Releases his tax returns; an opinion he and I share albeit for different reasons (I’d rather see Trump playing the tax code like a Stradivarius so people can see what a deeply unjust system the income tax code really is). Yet even Moby’s tax-disclosure for playing a DJ Set followed DeadMau5 decision to exclude Republican won states from any of his future tours.

Before I go any further, I think its important to clarify that I am using the word “celebrity” very lightly. What we are really talking about here is artists and there is a key distinction between a celebrity like George Clooney and an artist like Dixon. Artists don’t really give a damn about whether you care about their opinion or not; an artist looks at the world, remixes it, and then gives it back to you. There’s principle in their work and that’s why Dave Clarke, Moby and DeadMau5 would rather lose money than perform for you. That said, its time to answer the question. Do Celebrity DJ’s Political Opinions Matter?

Probably Not …

You might be fooled that an artists (or celebrity’s) opinion matters seeing it re-tweeted or shared hundreds of times on social media, but the brutal truth is their opinion’s don’t matter at all. That is why there is currently no market for a current affairs magazine written entirely by celebrities. It is also the reason why the celebrity/artist with political opinion thing doesn’t cut the other way. You don’t take Paris Hilton’s DJ career seriously do you? Also Prince Charles sure made a clown of himself when he took to the wheel’s of steel. The thing is, the real devaluation of expertise and the reduction of public discourse has us speeding down a path to a dumbed-down future where the Financial Post is being guest edited by Willie Nelson. Let’s face it, if you are listening to celebrities on politics, you aren’t really asking the tough questions are you?

On the flip-side, under some specific circumstances, some celebrities can influence public opinion and bring awareness to highly determined movements. Take Carl Cox’s House The House – not only did he raise awareness for children in conflict zones, but it also raised a lot of money, aiding the relief effort. Speaking personally, his initiative mobilized and inspired me, and in the last year I have organized fundraisers, collecting food and toys on Thanks Giving and Christmas for my local charity.

But the bottom line is celebrity DJ, artists, whatever you want to call them, political opinions do not matter. Because how you believe a Politician or a Political party will deal with very specific and diverse issues, from the Economic Depression in your region, crippling debt levels, pollution, to whom builds public transit, are very personal issues that have an impact on your personal finances and well being; so listening to the opinion of somebody that makes more in a night than you make over a couple of months is simply not in your best interest. Celebrities do not serve the public and they are people like you and me. It’s safe to assume that 99% of those you would classify as celebrity DJs or artists are more concerned about maintaining a good professional standing by excelling at their chosen art than advancing a political agenda.

Now, I know I am going to get a ton of opinions in the comment section below. If you do chose to participate in a discussion here, let it be known that if you write anything offending another author, person, identified group or your message includes profanity, your thoughts will not be made public. Feel free to say anything you want about me though.

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Couple of Post Notes…

  1. Moby has a couple of remixes on Drumcode released recently. Not really my cup of tea but I encourage you to check them out.
  2. Dave Clarke will be at Coda in Toronto this Friday, February 3rd. Tickets are still available. I have no formal ties to the club/promoters

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