10 Tracks for February

Hello Everyone. In an effort to keep my crates fresh, I invest considerable time and effort in picking the wheat from the chafe. With so much music released every day, it can be a challenge to pick out a banging track. Below are the ten tracks I have picked out as standouts for the month of February, 2016. Continue reading

[Infographic] Music Getting Physical – Vinyl’s Remarkable Revival

I have been collecting vinyl records since early 1994. The first house records I bought were tracks by Phuture, Stakker, Chemical Brothers, Orbital, Jeff Mills, Paul Mac and Underworld to name but a few. While I have been the butt of my colleagues jokes recently, for my persistence to sticking to the format like a fly to manure, today it looks like it is my digital peers who are getting stick. While the music newswires are dominated by headlines of unpaid artists and Beatport’s bankruptcy, one format is making a remarkable revival: vinyl. To me, I always considered vinyl DJ’s to be “real” DJ’s and I feel that a big part of the DJ industry becoming lame comes down to Digital DJing – or “D’Jukeboxing”. Underground tracks always come out on vinyl. So, from the get-go, I was just absolutely fascinated with turntables and vinyl. Anyway, I have collected some statistics which illustrate how much physical releases have grown in recent years and where I see the vinyl revival goingContinue reading