Groovetech EP 18 – A good DJ is like a good chess player

Like most of the way we talk about music, discussion about DJs is full of mysticism and abstract ideas about “vibe”, “reading the room”, or “building a set”. For me, a good DJ is like a good chess player; they have to be able to think ahead and see the bigger picture. Knowing which tracks, in which keys, in which BPMs, work together. Personally, nothing beats the joy of owning a record collection and warm feeling of knowing that you have mixed every track together yourself using nothing but your own talent & skill.

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Groovetech EP 17 – Science Says Vinyl Sounds the Best

I came across an interesting article on Scientific American this week which details the science behind why vinyl sounds better than any other format. I always found that playing vinyl loud to be more comfortable to listen to than lets say a mp3, but I believed it had to do with its production value, compared to unmastered tracks one comes across on beatport.

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Groovetech EP 14 – The best audience for the passionate DJ

Playing at CTRLROOM is a huge pleasure for me. It is refreshing to find a format that challenges the elitist gate-keepers who are keeping out talent in an effort to maintain the status quo. Being unique and expressing yourself is not enough to move forward. CTRLROOM has opened doors for me and others, as well as allowing a growing audience to explore music outside of Toronto’s rather narrow norms. After all, the best audience for the passionate DJ has always been a small, tightly knit group of supportive cohorts.

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CTRL Sessions – March 16th 2016 – 3 Hour Techno DJ Set

Do you like Techno? Then we have something in common. My friends at CTRL ROOM invited me over for a guest DJ appearance. The 3 hour Techno set was streamed live but in case you missed it you can watch it again on my new favourite social network: Special thanks must go to Hubert for putting it all together and for the great hustle put in to managing the space, all the folks who showed up at the studio or tuned in online, and my good friend Sergio Kyi for helping out with a personal crisis – thanks man. Continue reading