Groovetech Ep 21 – Vinyl Helps You Set Boundaries

It’s a cliché, but those who love vinyl often talk about the warmth of sound. For those purists out there, all of the problems associated with vinyl simply fade away when I put on a record and hear that sound crackle to life. I’ll admit, vinyl isn’t for everyone: it requires a particular type of listener. As a medium, vinyl pushes people to sit down and have music at the forefront versus just another track for a mix, a night at the club or a podcast. When something great comes along, it tends to stick around for a while. Vinyl has stood the test of time.If you think about it, can you name more than 5 formats with this much longevity?

Before I go too far off tangent, let’s just get straight to the point. I believe that there is value in setting boundaries. SELECTION is ALWAYS FIRST as a DJ. When you can have anything on a laptop, what kind of boundaries are you setting for yourself? Nothing beats the joy of owning a record collection, and warm feeling of knowing that you have mixed every track together yourself using nothing but your own skill, talent, and ears.

But, that’s just one man’s opinion.

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Groovetech EP 18 – A good DJ is like a good chess player

Like most of the way we talk about music, discussion about DJs is full of mysticism and abstract ideas about “vibe”, “reading the room”, or “building a set”. For me, a good DJ is like a good chess player; they have to be able to think ahead and see the bigger picture. Knowing which tracks, in which keys, in which BPMs, work together. Personally, nothing beats the joy of owning a record collection and warm feeling of knowing that you have mixed every track together yourself using nothing but your own talent & skill.

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Groovetech EP 17 – Science Says Vinyl Sounds the Best

I came across an interesting article on Scientific American this week which details the science behind why vinyl sounds better than any other format. I always found that playing vinyl loud to be more comfortable to listen to than lets say a mp3, but I believed it had to do with its production value, compared to unmastered tracks one comes across on beatport.

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Groovetech EP 16 – What’s The Shelf Life of a Digital Library?

I had an interesting month in August. I visited Cyprus for a couple of weeks for a wedding among other social obligations. I went through my collection of old CDs – music, and software (games to be specific). I tried to install the original Fifa International Football Game on my computer – in part to satisfy my inner teenagers yearn to waste some time. But I quickly realized what a process it can be to install a game designed for computers in the 90s on a modern laptop. It just won’t work. That got me thinking. What is the shelf life of a digital library?

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