Beyond Beat matching. The Value of Keywords in Digital Marketing for DJs

I’ll freely admit to making every textbook mistake when I first started promoting and marketing myself as a DJ in the mid to late 90’s. Perhaps my naivety can be partially explained by my age; I was 16 when I put together my first branded DJ website and online podcast, but I think the main reason I was not as successful back then as I am today comes down to being a rebellious teenager refusing to do his homework. I didn’t research my industry properly therefore had a harder time getting my message across to my target audience. Since then, I have I have adopted the motto “Good judgment comes from experience, but experience comes from bad judgment”. In other words we must learn and improve through the process of trial and error. Nowadays, your branded DJ website is no longer the first point of contact you make with your audience – that has been replaced with the first result on Google. Now more than ever understanding how Google interprets the words on your website is vital to your digital marketing strategy. If I can help you avoid some of my first-timer mistakes, it would be a great success. So let’s go beyond beat matching and discover the value of Keywords that Work for DJs Digital Marketing Strategy.

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