10 Tracks for December – House, Techno and Minimal

2017 sees Techno on the move again, while the underground electronic music vinyl-only boom represents the opposite of commercial dance music’s insatiable drive for success and exposure. With so much music released every day, it can be a challenge to pick out a banging track. Below are the ten tracks I have picked out as standouts for the month of November 2017.

Stay tuned for the best of 2017 chart. It will be posted Mid-December.

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Groovetech EP 18 – A good DJ is like a good chess player

Like most of the way we talk about music, discussion about DJs is full of mysticism and abstract ideas about “vibe”, “reading the room”, or “building a set”. For me, a good DJ is like a good chess player; they have to be able to think ahead and see the bigger picture. Knowing which tracks, in which keys, in which BPMs, work together. Personally, nothing beats the joy of owning a record collection and warm feeling of knowing that you have mixed every track together yourself using nothing but your own talent & skill.

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CTRL ROOM Presents M4 – A 42 Hour DJ Marathon to Raise Funds for Sistering – Women’s Shelter

Hey guys. On November 10th and 11th 2017, I will be joining 40 of Toronto’s finest DJs, playing music for 42 straight hours to raise for the continued operations of CTRL ROOM while also raising much needed funds for Sistering, a local women’s organization that offers emotional and practical support for women enabling them to take greater control over their lives.

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