Groovetech Podcast 083 – Techno, House and Minimal

Vinyl lets you understand the history of DJing and where it came from, how it used to be done. In my eyes, vinyl has gained even more value, because you buy only the stuff you really like and it’s what lasts forever. Having a quality vinyl collection is priceless and I love the way vinyl sounds on a good club system It’s always cool for me to look at things with a romantic eye.

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Groovetech Podcast 076 – Techno, House and Minimal

One of the big hopes for digital music was for a faster way for everyone in the food chain to get paid. While that sounds good on paper, unfortunately, it hasn’t quite worked out the way anyone in the industry expected. When it comes to music, Big Data is an aggregation of mediocrity. Many algorithms on platforms like Pandora and Soundcloud are simply associating popular tracks with one another; as a consequence, it takes longer for newer and unique music to enter the system and start being recommended to people. Can musical creativity and the song machine co-exist? At least at this point, it doesn’t look algorithms will replace the DJ anytime soon. Filtering noise is truly a gray area.

Read about how big data is making you boring

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Groovetech Podcast 070 – Techno, House and Minimal

What happened to Techno? What happened to the Underground? I suppose when a movement enters the limelight, it tends to get commodified, its roots be scorned. I went to a party over the weekend where DJ Godfather played an unbelievable set – just the type of Techno I grew up loving and got me into the scene. Nowadays most records sound like flubber to me. Don’t get me wrong; it’s not that they aren’t hard or fast; tempo and aggression isn’t what I am referring to. It’s that too often, my peers seem to play bland boring sets of minimal or near-minimal tunes. The rudimentary “producer-gone-dj” formula of “buildup, peak, buildup, peak, repeat” with literally no disruption within the set. Yawn.

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Do Celebrity DJ’s Political Opinions Matter?

If you have been on social media at all recently, it is highly likely you have heard something, be it an article, someone’s rant, or a meme about the newly elected POTUS. That’s one of the reasons why I do not check in to Facebook as often as I once did. To be completely honest with you, I’m tired of hearing the name Trump, despite my relief to see the backs of Obama and Hillary Clinton and the Democrat machine backing them. Before you go on and call me just about any name you can think of, let me give you a disclosure. I am a member of the Libertarian Party here in Ontario, and I would describe my beliefs as Non-Party Conservative.

If you can contain your rage for a few minutes, lets get on tangent. Do Celebrity DJ’s Political Opinions Matter?

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