Groovetech Podcast 070 – Techno, House and Minimal

What happened to Techno? What happened to the Underground? I suppose when a movement enters the limelight, it tends to get commodified, its roots be scorned. I went to a party over the weekend where DJ Godfather played an unbelievable set – just the type of Techno I grew up loving and got me into the scene. Nowadays most records sound like flubber to me. Don’t get me wrong; it’s not that they aren’t hard or fast; tempo and aggression isn’t what I am referring to. It’s that too often, my peers seem to play bland boring sets of minimal or near-minimal tunes. The rudimentary “producer-gone-dj” formula of “buildup, peak, buildup, peak, repeat” with literally no disruption within the set. Yawn.

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