Groovetech Ep 21 – Vinyl Helps You Set Boundaries

It’s a cliché, but those who love vinyl often talk about the warmth of sound. For those purists out there, all of the problems associated with vinyl simply fade away when I put on a record and hear that sound crackle to life. I’ll admit, vinyl isn’t for everyone: it requires a particular type of listener. As a medium, vinyl pushes people to sit down and have music at the forefront versus just another track for a mix, a night at the club or a podcast. When something great comes along, it tends to stick around for a while. Vinyl has stood the test of time.If you think about it, can you name more than 5 formats with this much longevity?

Before I go too far off tangent, let’s just get straight to the point. I believe that there is value in setting boundaries. SELECTION is ALWAYS FIRST as a DJ. When you can have anything on a laptop, what kind of boundaries are you setting for yourself? Nothing beats the joy of owning a record collection, and warm feeling of knowing that you have mixed every track together yourself using nothing but your own skill, talent, and ears.

But, that’s just one man’s opinion.

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Groovetech Podcast 081 – Techno, House and Minimal

From the moment I began teaching myself how to DJ and during my earlier days DJing at bars/clubs, I was always going against the grain. When I was playing clubs more actively in Toronto in the mid 2000s I had a hard time marketing myself because most of the DJs around identified themselves strictly with specific genres – House, Trance, Minimal, Electro-Clash. There was always a fad or style and my music collection, as well as my mixing style, didn’t fit into these norms. That’s one of the problems with electronic dance music in general. The lack of vocals can lead you to describe a DJ or a record with meaningless adjectives and technical explanations. Does it even compute? So when I put a set together, I try to balance predictability with surprise. Am I doing a good job? Leave a comment below, I would love to hear from you.

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Toronto’s Techno DJ Rouchos shows off his Disco and House Side in Latest Mix

When most people hear the DJ Name Rouchos, they think of a hard-working and skillful DJ behind the decks, staying true to the core of pulsating and resonant Techno cuts. His latest DJ mix is a delightful surprise of party oriented, tongue-in-cheek disco and house tracks that will make you want to grab your friends and get them on the dance-floor. He was also kind enough to sit down and chop it up with us about everything from his love for vinyl to his lack of love for fads.
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10 Tracks for June – House, Techno and Minimal

Hello Everyone. In an effort to keep my crates fresh, I invest considerable time and effort in picking the wheat from the chafe. With so much music released every day, it can be a challenge to pick out a banging track. Below are the ten tracks I have picked out as standouts for the month of June 2017.

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Groovetech Podcast 056 – Techno, House and Minimal

Techno, for me, feels like building a space out of nothing and within that space DJs build their house, their city, their entire universe through music. A DJ exists in this black hole and they create an amazing place without form, without structure, without harmonic beginnings …

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