Groovetech EP 11 – CTRL ROOM – Spinning 12 Inches of Pleasure

Every record is a limited release. There can be so many available. Finding and owning one gives me pleasure. There’s a big vinyl revival making waves these days. Personally, I think it’s because a vinyl record seems to be symbolic of the very heart and soul of music and is a big part of DJ culture going back to Larry Levan, Derrick May, Kool Herc and many others. I only play vinyl for a couple of reasons; about 80% of the music I find and love these days is vinyl only. With so many Djs out there nowadays, many, sounding painfully alike, I think the exclusivity that comes with vinyl give my mixes a special feel. At the end of the day, it’s always good to have a physical piece of your music. But most importantly it keeps the conversations DJ have to just music. Far too many DJs today talk about the technology; the mixers, the controllers and the software and much less about the music. I keep things simple; seeing the grooves on a record and comprehending where the sound comes from, and finding unique ways to complement tracks playing them together on two or three turntables.

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CTRL Sessions – March 16th 2016 – 3 Hour Techno DJ Set

Do you like Techno? Then we have something in common. My friends at CTRL ROOM invited me over for a guest DJ appearance. The 3 hour Techno set was streamed live but in case you missed it you can watch it again on my new favourite social network: Special thanks must go to Hubert for putting it all together and for the great hustle put in to managing the space, all the folks who showed up at the studio or tuned in online, and my good friend Sergio Kyi for helping out with a personal crisis – thanks man. Continue reading

Groovetech Podcast 003 – Techno, House and Minimal

The Groovetech weekly DJ mix is a 1 hour podcast focusing on Techno and Deep-House. Hosted and mixed by Andreas Marouchos (rouchos).

This set was played last night at Bassline Techno Bar, Toronto. I was the opener so the beats are a bit slower than usual but it’s been a while since I had a chance to play these and the feedback from the floor (and some flattering comments) was very positive.

I’m sorry you missed the night but here’s your chance to experience the madness. Continue reading